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state senate leaders

Upcoming Forums


Park City, Utah

JULY 7- 10, 2024

Girdwood, Alaska

SEPTEMBER 17-21, 2024

By invitation only.

Members will receive an invitation via email.

Sarasota, Florida

JANUARY 2–5, 2025

State Leaders

Since 1994, the Senate Presidents’ Forum has gathered the presiding officers of U.S. state senates in a collaborative, nonpartisan environment. Our sessions explore actionable solutions to the issues in their home states.

SPF on Air

Voice of the Nation's State Senate Leaders

The Senate Presidents’ Forum is excited to share this series of candid conversations with state senate presidents, private sector leaders, and experts from think-tanks and institutions across the globe. SPF On Air is a civics lesson, a sounding board, and a study of public policymaking all in one. Because we believe knowledge is the cornerstone of good policy, this podcast explores the priorities, proud moments, and the problems shaping the near future of our fifty states.



EPISODE 7 (06/06/24)

Hawai’i Senate President Ron Kouchi

EPISODE 6 (02/16/24)

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson

2024 School Choice
Online Forum

Zoom Meeting
April 5, 2025

The Senate Presidents’ Forum convened virtually for a session focused on school choice. With 78 bills related to school choice currently in motion across 27 states, this timely session produced important shared learning among top senate leaders. The discussion was introduced by Samuel E. Abrams, PhD, who is Director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education and on the faculty of Teachers College at Columbia University.

2024 Midyear
Legislative Review

Zoom Meeting
June 7, 2024

The Senate Presidents’ Forum held an online session on June 7, 2024. Here at the midyear mark, senators were invited to discuss the successes and challenges of their 2024 legislative sessions to date, and to share future policy goals. The conversation, moderated by SPF’s Tom Finneran, examined issues of the economy, energy, and other legislative priorities.

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