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The Senate Presidents’ Forum held an online session on June 7, 2024. Here at the midyear mark, senators were invited to discuss the successes and challenges of their 2024 legislative sessions to date, and to share future policy goals. The conversation, moderated by SPF’s Tom Finneran, examined issues of the economy, energy, and other legislative priorities.

Member Meeting

June 7, 2024

Online Forum

2024 June
Midyear Legislative Review
Online Zoom Forum


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Senate Presidents’ Forum, which creates an environment that inspires productive conversation and the sharing of best practices among state leaders. The Winter Forum was hosted in Sun Valley, Idaho, by the Hon. Chuck Winder, Idaho’s Senate President Pro Tempore. Program Moderator Tom Finneran led the lively and relevant discussions throughout the program. 

Values-First Leadership

Which leadership characteristics will be most crucial to resolving the new year’s biggest challenges? How does one find a balance between intended results and potential harms? This session considered how we make choices knowing that legislative action — or inaction — will have meaningful impact.

The Middle East: What Comes Next?

U.S. policy in the Middle East had recently been focused on transformation and normalization when the Israel-Palestine conflict reignited in October. Our in-depth discussion examined America’s past, present and future in the region as it returns to the center of the world stage.

State of the State Budgets

Reflections and projections on state economies characterize this lively talk, a staple of SPF’s January programming. Senate leaders responded to speaker questions concerning their state’s current fiscal health.

Implications of an Aging Population

Understanding that societal change is a driver of public policy, this session examined the challenges accompanying the rapid aging of state populations. The financial security of older adults provides a focal point as Senators discussed how states can prepare and respond to evolving demands.

Leveraging AI — Interactive Session

In a bid to further demystify artificial intelligence and the tools available

today, this hands-on session utilized generative AI in real time. With the benefit of first-person experience, participants developed practical knowledge to use in 2024 for constituent relations, research, operations, media relations, and more.

Member Meeting

January 2-5, 2024

Sun Valley, Idaho

2024 Winter Forum in Review


The Senate Presidents’ Forum convened virtually on April 5, 2024, for a session focused on school choice. With 78 bills related to school choice currently in motion across 27 states, this timely session produced important shared learning among top senate leaders. The discussion was introduced by Samuel E. Abrams, PhD, who is Director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education and on the faculty of Teachers College at Columbia University.

Member Meeting

April 5, 2024

Online Forum

2024 April School Choice Online Zoom Forum

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