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Hawai’i Senate President Ron Kouchi

Episode 7


In this episode, Senator Ron Kouchi describes the impact and aftermath of the tragic Lahaina wildfires of August 2023 — a crisis that reshaped state priorities overnight. 

‘The Idaho Way’ with Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Winder

Episode 5


 Idaho is the second-fastest growing state — but is it all good news? Senator Chuck Winder describes how a population influx has impacted the budget, schools, and dynamics in the Legislature.

Rules of Behavior with Senator Lee Schoenbeck, South Dakotaʼs Senate President Pro Tem

Episode 4


“You have to be an institutionalist,” says South Dakota's Lee Schoenbeck. "It does not matter what happens to you as much as what happens to your institution.” The Senate President Pro Tem talks with host Tom Finneran about accountability in the legislature and why communication is key.

New York Senate Majority Leader
Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Episode 3


 "I don't take for granted being in the majority. Nothing is permanent.” Senator Stewart-Cousins discusses policy priorities and how she wants to use her time as Majority Leader and Senate President Pro Tem.

Colorado Senate President Steve Fenberg

Episode 2


A downside of term limits is the loss of institutional knowledge among lawmakers — so who can a senate president turn to? Senator Steve Fenberg of Colorado discussed this challenge and more in a substantive talk with host Tom Finneran, recorded at SPF's Summer Forum.

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers

Episode 1


“You can be flexible without compromising your values.”  SPF On Air launches with a compelling interview with Senate President Robert Stivers of Kentucky, interviewed by SPF’s Tom Finneran. Civility in the legislature, veto power, intra- and inter-party dynamics, and more are on the agenda in this far-ranging conversation.

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson

Episode 6


Senator Ferguson describes how a teaching gig (“the toughest job I will ever have”) led him to a career in the legislature. Fourteen years later, the lessons are still coming. 

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